Guruvayoor Elephant race: Tusker Ramankutty gain victory

Guruvayoor, 13 March, Sreeparvathy K.: The renowned elephant race held as part of Guruvayoor temple festivals witnessed the victory of tusker Ramankutty for the consecutive 11th time. This 63 year old elephant finished the race with record time and defended his title. With the elephant race started the 10 day long temple festival.

 Guruvayoor Elephant race: Tusker Ramankutty gain victory


In Guruvayoor Elephant race, the elephant Achuthan came second and Nandini came next. Half- a- kilometre elephant race from the temple’s eastern end, Manjulal to Kalyanamandapam in the main entrance was cheered by onlookers. All 27 elephants under Guruvayur Dewasom took part in the race and the first five elephants were selected to run in the front row for temple procession. Guruvar is home of about 60 elephants gifted by devotees and are kept at the temple premises.

Guruvayur Dewasom board had arranged crisis management team to face emergency situation. Meanwhile, the Heritage Animal Task Force complained that the organizers did not obtain NOC from the Animal Welfare Board and thus violated rules.

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