Saudi says first phase of anti-Houthi operation successful

Riyadh, March 29,(IANS) – Saudi Arabia has said the first phase of air campaign against Yemen’s Shiite Houthi group was successful, and has destroyed all of its airplanes and communication centers.

Saudi says first phase of anti-Houthi operation successful

Brigadier Ahmed Al Asiri, spokesperson for the Saudi-led Decisive Storm operation, on Saturday told that the first stage of the air raids has succeeded, while the coalition might opt for group offensive if required, Xinhua reported citing Al Arabiya News reported.

He cautioned that the Houthis might have stored weapons and ammunition though their airplanes and communication facilities were destroyed.

The spokesperson said the Houthi militias continue to move towards the Saudi borders, while the Saudi army faces their attempts.

The capabilities of Houthis are weakening days after day, and eventually they will become powerless, he added.

The spokesperson highlighted that the coalition continues to target missiles bases and the armed groups near the Saudi borders, as well as ammunition warehouses and Houthi forces.

The air raids did not target infrastructure, he said, adding that Houthis are attacking civilians in Yemen and blame the coalition forces.

He also said that diplomats from 12 countries were evacuated from Sanaa, and a Saudi warplane crashed for technical fault, while its crew was rescued and they are in good health.

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