Windows 10 ‘Hello’ feature to allow log into devices using face scan or fingerprints

Microsoft has unveiled a new feature that will enable users to sign into a machine with just their face or finger.

Users will get to use the new feature, called Windows Hello, on Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system. It works by scanning your face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock devices, replacing a PIN or password to gain access to your own machine, reported The Verge.

While most current machines won’t be able to use Windows Hello face recognition, Microsoft will support existing fingerprint readers. The new Windows 10 PCs that support the new feature will ship with Intel’s RealSense infrared 3D camera that will scan your face.

The firm said that the privacy and security around the new Windows Hello feature are “enterprise-grade” and will meet requirements of organizations that adhere to strict regulations.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore said on a positive note that Windows Hello face recognition is a solution that government, defense, financial, health care, and other related organizations will use to enhance their overall security.

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