Sussanne Khan rubbishes reports of purchasing a posh penthouse in Pune

Sussanne Khan has completely denied reports stating she has bought herself a Rs 16-crore rupee home in Pune. Reacting to the report she says, “It is complete rubbish. I’ve bought no property in Pune.”

While Sussanne chooses to withdraw into a dignified silence a source close to her says she just wants to rebuild a life for herself and her two sons. “She is happy with the decision she took to end her marriage with Duggu. It was not an overnight decision.And she is not a flippant person who would do something so life-changing without a thought. Having taken the decision, she will do whatever it takes to re-build her life and her children’s.”

While Sussanne’s family remains close to her former husband Hrithik Roshan, there was never any family pressure on her to give her marriage another try.

“Her parents Sanjay and Zarine Khan only asked her if she was sure. Then they were with her all the way in her decision,” says the source, adding that all the loose talk of alimony and real-estate acquisitions embarrass Sussanne.

“She is not material girl at all. She wants to provide a good life for her sons. But she doesn’t want Hrithik’s money,” says the source.

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