India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun: I understand the world of the common man, says Shah Rukh Khan

Why SRK took up &TV’s India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun? Shah Rukh Khan makes a long overdue return to television with India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun? which starts airing on Monday on &TV.

Post one of the long shoots of SabseShaana… post midnight, we caught up with the actor for a chat session where he explains why the common man factor on IPSSK is something that interested him more than other reality shows…

Do you think with recent changes on Indian television, that the lines between our format and the Western one is blurring?

I think it would take another five years for the lines to get blurred. You have to have content which film actors would want to participate in. If the content is given, which is of a similar TV type, it is not going to attract film actors to it, especially if its fiction. Non-fiction- yes, reality shows are something everyone would do. In fiction, you would never be able to track actors or stars of calibre till there’s something new which they can do. The writing in television of the western world is of an extremely high calibre. It’s also of an extremely edgy nature. TV has to offer something exciting and different to exciting and different actors if they want us to do fiction. At this point of time, it’s not comparable at all.

You’ve added a dash of newness to every show you’ve been a part of. What’s new with IPSSK?

I don’t know the business part of it. I just go by what the team says. So here in India Poochega, I go by what the & TV, the Zee TV team says. My first criteria for everyone will always be that hopefully it works on the new channel.

This is not fiction, it’s reality TV. So I would not give my ideas. They want to have spikes, they want to have the GRPs so hopefully, whatever they tell me to do, I do it. There’s obviously a method in which I host shows or live shows which you can’t change. I know I have a freedom given to me by everyone at Zee to just be myself. So hopefully that makes up for the lack of understanding I have. Their understanding of television, my understanding of being myself is the mix we’re looking for in India Poochega. Hopefully, people will like it.

Does having the common man on the show, get you kicked about it?

I come from a common background. So it’s difficult to go back 25 years and think that I was common. But I know where my antecedents are from and to me, I have never been special. I have never been surprised to think that I am big movie star. So I understand that world of the common man very well. I understand the sisters, the brothers, the cousins, the aunties and the issues people have. I won’t lie but I don’t know the price of petrol or vegetables. But that does not make me uncommon, that makes me really busy. I don’t understand that, but there was a time when I did all that.

What prompted you to take up this game show?

Puneet’s a friend, Siddharth is doing it and it has a new format, never been done in the world before. We have bought the rights to it or whatever, however the legalities have been taken care of. I like to do television, mainly reality shows. The Q&A format attracts me the most.

You’re collaborating with Siddharth Basu again…

If it’s a quiz show, a game show like this, I would only do it with Siddharth.

He is my senior and so is Mira Nair. So whenever I get an opportunity to collaborate with them for any project, I jump onto it. There’s a certain comfort level which Siddharth and I share and that has always helped the show.

The one asking the questions or the contestant. What would you rather prefer to be on the show?

It’s always more challenging to be the contestant!

The game is about being street smart. Do you think it helps in being successful, too?

I thought the best way to be successful is hard work, especially when you have a face like this (points to himself and laughs). But no, on a serious note I do not agree to the statement at all. You cannot work your way to success by just being street smart. You have to be hard-working and talented and also get the right breaks.

One question the contestants ask you first when they meet you?

Can we hug you? (Smiles)

India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun? premieres tonight on &TV at 9 pm

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