I request media to not demand timeframes from us: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi(ANI): Newly appointed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday requested members of the media not to ask for timelines as far as work in the national capital is concerned, adding that the tasks identified by him had not been taken up by other parties in the last 65 years.

“I request the media to not ask me for a timeline for the work I want to do. Other parties couldn’t do it in years; in order to complete our work, we will work 24 hours a day if necessary,” Kejriwal said, while addressing the crowds at the Ram Lila Grounds after taking oath as the eighth Chief Minister of the city.

Kejriwal also anticipated some of the complaints that the media might have against him, adding that he will never forget that he is deep down an ordinary man.

“When I say I won’t use a vehicle with beacons, people in the media say ‘look he has taken a car’, they make an issue out of it. But it will be impossible for a minister to work without a car. Three days later, they will say that Kejriwal has shifted to a big bunglow. But a great man told me that no matter where a person reaches, he should never forget his roots. I know my roots; I am a very ordinary man,” he said.

“Today, my house has only four or five rooms, and wherever I go, I will not need more than that number of rooms. But I will need an office otherwise how will I work as the chief minister. Many of you will come to meet me everyday, so I will need space for 400-500 people to sit. I will only take a house that can fulfil those requirements; I do not need more,” he added.

The AAP chief also hailed the party workers, stating that they have sacrificed a lot for the betterment of the city and nation.

“The Aam Aadmi Party workers are worth their weight in gold. Sometime, tales of their dedication brings tears to my eyes. We have been elected as MLAs, but what did all these supporters, who have quit their jobs to support the party, get?” he said.

There are many unknown faces who have done a lot of work. They haven’t worked for Arvind Kejriwal or the AAP; they have worked for the bright future of Delhi and the nation,” he added.

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