That’s how much Priyanka Chopra’s ABC deal is worth 25 crore

MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra is all set to fly off to Los Angeles for three months as she begins shooting for an as-yet undisclosed show, as part of of her talent development deal with ABC Studios, a major network in the US.

ABC, which picked up the star after her role in Planes, revealed that PC will either star in a show where she’s the central character or will be part of an already existing hit show.

But that’s not all! For the duration of her stay there, she will be put up at a luxurious, customised villa, where a dedicated team will make sure she feels at home while there. A source reveals, “A space is being designed to function as a temple area where PC can pray everyday. Several portraits of herself and her family will be put up. An interior designer has also noted down the kind of upholstery she likes.”

However, as lavish as this deal sounds, the actress had, in the very recent past, exclusively told this writer that she feels women all over the world are underpaid. She said, “Women are underpaid everywhere. Even in Hollywood, compared to the men, women are underpaid. Very few women are such who get paid as much. I think we live in a male-dominated world. If you are vying for the same position, women just get paid less.”

Does she think differently now?

1.The Big Bang Theory cast (Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, and Jim Parsons): $1 million plus profit participation
2. Mark Harmon on NCIS: $525,000 plus profit participation
3. Kevin Spacey on House Of Cards: $500,000 per episode including producer fees
4. Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU: $400,000

Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo on Grey’s Anatomy: $350,000

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