Youngster attacked by pack, almost stripped in wide light in Mumbai

Mumbai: March 12: Mumbai’s battered picture as a safe city for ladies took an alternate blow on Tuesday when a 18-year-old young lady was professedly attacked and almost stripped by an aggregation of men in wide light in the city’s occupied Kandivali zone.

Youngster attacked by pack, almost stripped in wide light in Mumbai


The young lady was professedly pursued down the roads by the men who grabbed her and tore at her garments. When she ran into a restaurant, the staff, in a demonstration of solitary unfeelingness, supposedly dismissed her as opposed to helping her.

The police say the young lady was assaulted late on Tuesday evening around there in Mumbai’s north, when she was contending with an auto-rickshaw driver over admission.

The men professedly assembled around her and began hassling her. When she broke into a run, they accompanied her and continued mistreating her. Shouting for help, she attempted to get into an alternate auto-rickshaw, yet the men supposedly dragged her out.

A driver who was passing by halted and purportedly hit one of the men. A beat constable who had gone to the spot then ventures in and got the assailants.

Four of the charged men have been captured. The police say two of them could be minors.

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