Kejriwal’s 49-day rule has been the most chaotic affair for Delhi, says Sheila Dikshit

New Delhi, Rohinee Singh(dna): Former chief minister of Delhi and Congress leader Sheila Dikshit is a relaxed woman in the middle of the busy poll season. In an interview with dna at her home in Nizzamudin area of Delhi, Dikshit spoke on possible post-poll senarios, her assessment of Kiran Bedi, what she thinks about Arvind Kejriwal’s style of politics and her yet to be conceptualised autobiography.

BJP has announced Kiran Bedi as its CM candidate. How have your interactions been with her in the past?

Kiran Bedi’s track record as a bureaucrat has been very good. But running a state requires a lot more. Does she also has the leadership quality? Will she be able to move forward with everyone is something we will have to wait and watch.

Will we see Sheila Dikshit playing an important role in this election?

I am around, but only as a party worker. The party wanted me to head the campaign committee this time round, but I turned down the offer. I had decided not to contest or play an active role after I came back from Kerala. (Dikshit was Kerala governor for a few months after Delhi assembly elections.) I will be campaigning wherever the party wants me to.

Are you following the Delhi polls?

Yes, quiet closely. It is certainly a three-cornered election, and it is difficult to say who is leading. But, unlike previous elections, this time AAP is being taken seriously by its opponents. In the absence of a stable government, the people of Delhi will suffer. I hope that the people of Delhi will vote wisely. The capital cannot continue to remain under the rule of the Centre indefinitely.

Many in the Delhi Congress blame you for the rout? Do you take the blame?

I feel let down.

I had campaigned across all 70 seats. We changed the face of this city. But my ‘friends’ in the Congress have been saying all kinds of things. But I have no regrets. I am contended about whatever I have done.

Earlier you had said that Kejriwal is a witch-hunter, a flash in the pan. Have your views about him changed over the year?

No, I still feel the same for him. He is saying he will provide free Wi-Fi. He says he will cut down on VAT. He is talking about free water and subsidised power. With so many goodies, how does he plans to run the state? His 49-day rule has been the most chaotic affair for Delhi. Kejriwal’s spending in this election is as big as that of the BJP. Just see the number of outdoor hoardings and the radio jingles of AAP. Why isn’t anybody questioning AAP’s sources of funds. I think the people of Delhi will vote wisely.

These days you are seen shopping at Khan Market, spending time with your grandchildren. Anything else that is keeping you busy?

I plan to write a biography. Something on 15 years of Sheila and Delhi. I plan to pen down my experiences about Delhi. I am collecting facts. You come to me in six months’ time, I will give you more details.

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