Five kinds of fans Varun Dhawan should be wary of

MUMBAI: Varun Dhawan may not have the most number of followers on Twitter but he sure has the most interesting assortment of fans. If you are ever feeling low, just go on his Timeline and your spirits will be lifted by all the sweet but creepy messages the Badlapur actor gets from his die-hard devotees.

Having gone through Varun’s Twitter account from time to time, we have identified five types of followers the actor should be wary of….

Fans who wish him good morning/evening/night ALL THE TIME!
Even his mom doesn’t do it so religiously…

Fans who are married to him and thereby taken his name.
And it isn’t restricted to women (just look at the names of these fans).
Fans who speak to him like they know him personally and are his BFFs!
It’s a little unsettling, don’t you think?

Fans who hate his girlfriend Natasha Dalal

Going by how vicious they can be we suggest Varun fear them as much he would fear serial killers
Fans who are desperate for follows!
Not cool guys, not cool.

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