I am in the mood to celebrate: Jacqueline Fernandez

Mumbai, Melissa D’Costa: It’s the season to be jolly, to have fun and to help Santa spread cheer all around. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez, who moved to Mumbai from Sri Lanka, is flying off to Bahrain to spend the holidays with her family. Here, she talks about her plans and memories from Christmases past…

A special memory associated with Christmas?
When I was growing up, I was a firm believer in Santa Claus. I remember this one Christmas… I saw a Barbie doll on Christmas eve. I was sad as I knew I would have to wait till next year for it. Imagine my surprise when I opened my presents on Christmas Day and found that Barbie doll. In my head I kept saying, “Santa is so amazing.”

What’s Christmas Day like for you?
Generally, it’s midnight mass and then Christmas lunch with family. If I can’t make it for Christmas, I make sure to spend New Year’s with my family.

What are your plans this year?
I am flying down to Bahrain to be with my mum and dad for Christmas. My sister is also flying down from the States with her husband and her baby. So, I’m looking forward to meeting all of them.

You must miss family more around this time…
I miss them so much everyday. You don’t realise when you live away from home how difficult life can be. And how amazing mothers and fathers are… they never let you do anything when you are with them. So, when I do go back to Bahrain, I spend time with them or when they come here, I get so pampered that I never want them to leave. At the same time, staying away from them has taught me to be more responsible.

It has taught me so many things about myself, about priorities and time management. These are important things that you have to learn as an individual. You have to grow up. It’s tough sometimes.There are times you want to be comforted by them and you don’t have that because they are far away, but then I thank God for good friends and great people around me.

Christmas time always leads to ‘holiday weight’. Do you stick to your diet?
I have put my make-up artist Shaan on a diet with me and he has lost a lot of weight. But there are days, when he can’t resist his junk food and chocolates. I do join him. He also keeps a check on me. However, for the most part I do stick to eating clean, organic and healthy food. There was a time when I would cheat on diets. As time went by, I realised that there is so much importance given to dieting, cheating, cheat days and food. I have become more simple in my approach. I make sure to exercise every day for an hour. I think my body deserves that. Most of the time, there’s junk food around me but I am really not in the mood to have it. I would rather eat healthy, and eat well, and keep fit.

Any New Year plans?
I always spend New Year with my family or am working. This year, I really want to go do something different for a change. Maybe explore a new place with my friends, something I have not done in so many years. I am in the mood to celebrate.

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