With Eye on Bengal Polls: BJP Targeting Muslims and Madrassas’ on Jihad

KOLKATA,Zaidul Haque (TCN) — In the wake of the recent Burdwan blast and subsequent action by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), several Muslim organization have come down heavily on a section of media for negatively painting the madrassas as a hub of terrorism and blamed the BJP for it claiming the saffron party is doing it keeping an eye on the 2016 assembly elections in the state.

With Eye on Bengal Polls: BJP Targeting Muslims and Madrassas’ on Jihad

President of All India Majlis-e Mushawarat Dr Zafarul Islam Khan in a press conference at Kolkata Press Club in Kolkata on 27 October, 2014

“Madrassas never teach terrorism. But after the Khagragarh (Burdwan) incident, a section of media has been continuously showing that Muslims, Islam and madrassa and terrorism are same things. The reality of Khagragarh incident can be and should be investigated by an international organization,” president of All India Majlis-e-Mushawarat Dr Zafarul Islam Khan said at a press conference here on October 26.
Two persons were killed and a third injured in an ‘accidental’ bomb explosion in Khagragarh in Burdwan district on October 2. The NIA had later taken over the investigation and claimed that the blast was linked to a Bangladeshi terror outfit.
Khan said, “The NIA investigations led to seizure of material such as a stick of umbrella, oil bottle, a normal daily-use knife. But propaganda was made that the investigating office got rifles, swords, RDX and Arabic books. The NIA investigated just two madrassas, but it triggered fingers towards all madrassas. There are more than 30,000 madrassas in our country and no one ever found any illegal elements.”
“It is clear that the BJP has planned all this targeting the next assembly election in West Bengal in 2016. When L K Advani was Home Minister then too he tried to malign madrassas in West Bengal,” Dr Islam claimed and condemned that the present Union government was “directed, not from Delhi, but is being run from Nagpur, the headquarters of a fanatic organization.”

On the same day at a seminar at the Academy of Fine Arts organized by the Mushawarat and Milli Ittehad Parishad, Dr Khan said, “There are a lot of non-recognized madrassas running in West Bengal and if either of them is found to be involved in illegal activities, then police and administration should stop them and take necessary action.”
“Instead of taking action in such cases, the agencies are trying to malign the entire Muslim community. We demand that innocent people should not be harassed in the name of Khagragarh incident.”
Muhammad Nuruddin, the state president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind said, “Terrorists always destroy the country. If Hindu and Muslims are divided, terrorists will win. Hindu and Muslims should be united to defeat terrorism, only then the national integrity will be strong.”
He also condemned the media practice of using the word ‘Jamaat’ along with the suspected terrorist organization of Bangladesh ‘Jamat Ul Mujahidin’, which he said, should be opposed by all concerned. “Because, ‘Jamaat’ is used by Muslims in various contexts and for different purposes. Moreover, so many national Muslim organizations’ name start with or has ‘Jamaat’ in it. Before using the word ‘Jamaat’ to associate with Jihadi activities, the media should think a thousand times. A section is also trying to prove that Holy Quran is a ‘Jihadi book,’ which is unfortunate.”
Commenting on the police recovery of ‘Nurani Qaida’, the elementary book of Arabic literature, and a book ‘Bhalo Mityur Upay’ (Way to good death), Nuruddin said, “These books are not written by any terrorist. These were written by Muslim scholars long ago and they can be seen at a lot of Bengali Muslims homes.”
Vice president of All Faith Forum, Bijoy Jogi said, “the Modi government’s efforts to malign Muslim community in West Bengal should be stopped.”
Documentary filmmaker Saumitra Ghosh Dastider said, “I had made a short film on Gujarat riots, which remains a shame for our country. Fanatic groups are now trying to malign Muslim community by spreading a Gujarat like situation, which is hatred. So, we have to be very much aware of BJP.”
“Muslims in West Bengal are now afraid of riots. They are not afraid to speak out against police atrocities on a large scale out of fear of police harassment in the name of Madrassas.”
Secretary of Bandi Mukti Committee (Prisoner Relief Committee) Choton Das said, according to Juvenile Act 2000, no child can be sent to jail or police custody. “But the NIA sent two women in Khagragarh blast case along with their two year old children, which is a violation of human rights. Everyone should condemn this kind of activities.”
Kamruddin Mallick of All India Milli Council said, if police accused a madrasa that does not mean all the madrassas are under surveillance. All India Majlis E Mushawarat state secretary Abdul Aziz and eminent intellectuals O P Shah and Khalid Ebadullah were also present in this seminar.

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