Rising of Hindutava Activities Shouts and Silence of Modi Government

Guwahati,Shatadip Som: Now a days, lots of Sangh related organizations and their leaders are uttering some words which were never heard in India. Major high lighted organizations are RSS,VHP,Bajragdal, Durga bahini, Hindu Maha sabha, Sreeram sena, Hindu jagriti sangh, Hindu priti, behen beiti bachaou and many more. Even these organization and their leaders are shouting time by time but why ? In this article we have tried to find out clues.

Rising of Hindutava Activities Shouts and Silence of Modi Government

Modi and/or BJP cannot be blamed for this, however such right wing groups seem to have gained confidence since the BJP has come to power and they are thinking that “they” have come to power.
Modi, and to quite an extent the BJP has done an excellent image makeover during the last few years, have done good work in many states and have shed the Hindutva image to sincerely take up the pro development image.

However, Modi and the BJP are not openly condemning such terror acts similarly like some “pro Islamic” political parties do not openly condemn terrorism in the name of Islam, and saying once and for all that such nonsense would not be tolerated from any religion! The reason is the fear of alienating that portion of the extreme right wing vote bank who think Modi would now build the temple in Ayodhya and teach all Muslims a lesson!

The BJP has to soon realize that this part of the vote bank always voted for them. They have won so well this time because a large population of people like me, who do not care what religion or surname of the PM is, voted for them believing that they would take India to the next level of development. They voted for BJP because they saw some promise in the BJP.

This population cringes when such incidents happen. No they need not be Congress stooges, communists or AAPians. They speak openly against terrorism in the name of Islam and its excesses and they equally oppose Hindu terrorism and fundamentalism because they know well these folks would be an equal hindrance to the development of the country and they do not want a Hindu Taliban in India! Many of them read things on the news or internet or newspapers and do not comment, but silently know what to do in the next elections because they are not blind Bhakts of any particular party. So it may seem that their numbers are not large as the Bhakts or haters of a particular party, but this is not true.

No party or person is omnipotent, things can change very soon.The BJP has to realize that if they want to have a really long tenure at the helm, it is this group of rational men and women that they need to keep really happy. For that to happen, they have deliver what they promised and come hard on hardliners’ irrespective of religion.

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