Narendra Modi asks doctors to keep pace with changes in science

New Delhi: Regretting that India is way behind in medical research, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked doctors to keep pace with the rapidly changing medical science to remain “relevant”.

Narendra Modi asks doctors to keep pace with changes in science

He said Indian doctors have made a name for themselves worldover but the country was far behind in the field of research. “It is necessary for research that we stay more conscious to case history (of patients). We should write every minute detail about patients and you may contribute in a big way to the mankind as the outcome of your hard work. Some of you may become a research scientist,” he said addressing the medical fraternity at the AIIMS convocation.

Modi said that in some countries, work is going on in ‘aura science’ because of which a “big revolution” is possible in the field of medical science. While India is open to innovation, the “worry” is that doctors of this country may still be reading the same old books their professors had recommended because they in turn had also studied them. “I am not here to frighten you. But things are changing so quickly. I don’t know how many of you are aware of it,” he said.

“You may become professors one day and pass on the same books to others saying this is what I have been teaching and you also do the same. Then change won’t come. If our mind is attuned to the rapidly changing system, then we will stay relevant,” he said. He urged doctors passing out from AIIMS to work among the poor in far-flung areas “at least for a week in a year” as he spoke at length about the need for them to “pay back” to society.

“You are so lucky to have studied in an institution like AIIMS. I leave you in hope that as children of mother India you will give back to society which has given you so much love… To repay the debt is your duty,” he said.
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