Sallu Miyan Salman Khan Rescued Katrina Kaif Not Ranbir Kapoor

Mumbai: Salman Khan has always been a bad boy with a large heart. There are many who don’t like him for his guts and his attitude towards many people, but he is the first one to get a call when anyone is in peril in the industry. The one who always turns towards him during trouble is Katrina Kaif. Recently, her Phantom set was mobbed by Cine Costume & Make-up Artists’ Association and Salman was the first one who got the call.

Sallu Miyan Salman Khan Rescued Katrina Kaif Not Ranbir Kapoor

So Salman Khan Rescued Katrina Kaif Not Ranbir Kapoor

But this isn’t the first time when Katrina Kaif called up Salman Khan to save the day. Earlier in 2011, FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) barged in on the sets of a commercial shoot involving Katrina asking for her registration number. It is imperative to register with the association to be able to work in the industry.

It seems Katrina had applied for the card but was yet to finish off the legalities. A call reached Salman Khan who spoke to the members and assured them that she will do the needful soon. So the moral of the story is if it hadn’t been for Salman, Katrina would have found it difficult to sustain in the industry.

It is heartening to see the kind of repo these ex-lovers share. Their breakup wasn’t an amicable one with Ranbir Kapoor getting in between and yet they are friends. It is amazing to see such maturity in the industry today and that too from Salman Khan who is famous for not forgiving people easily.

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  1. On an earlier occasion too when Katrina wanted to decide on a Subhash Ghai film offer she asked Sallu miyaan for help and not the Kapoor lad. Not to forget that not so long ago when Salman Katrina met at the Mehboob studio they exchanged warm hugs and even chatted for a while. Kat has also maintained a cordial equation with SK and his family and is spotted at their events and dos even post the break-up.