Kudumashree ‘Aajeevika’ project to be extended to villages

Kozhikode, 9 March, Sreeparvathy K.: Kudumbashree ‘Aajeevika’ project, intended to empower women and strengthen family is to be extended to all villages in Kerala. The villages will avail the benefit of the programme as per the Skill Training and Placement under Village Livelihood Mission.

Kudumashree ‘Aajeevika’ project to be extended to villages

villages in Kerala

In the first phase, Kudumbashree members and members belonging to and socially and economically backward classes are trained in the local and other institutions and later the employment is guaranteed. Members are employed in hospitality and computer related sectors.

Under the scheme, the training is provided by selected agencies which give training and then provide labour for one year on contract. Block co-ordinators are selected for the successful organization of the Aajeevika scheme. The permanency of the job depends on the candidate’s ability. The scheme is extended to the villages after the tremendous response in the cities.

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