LG likely to invite BJP to form govt today: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi, 17 July-2014, Pallavi Polanki/FP: “Sources-Despite public outcry, LG likely 2 invite BJP 2 form govt 2day. BJP will accept it,” tweeted Arvind Kejriwal this morning, setting off a new round of speculation, adding “BJP still does not hv nos. Sources – 6 cong MLAs not yet ready. BJP’s assessment – After taking oath, it wud bcome easier to buy MLAs.” Kejriwal also said that he has “sought an appointment from LG for all AAP MLAs to meet him today, and is waiting for his response.

LG likely to invite BJP to form govt today: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal

LG likely to invite BJP to form govt today: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal

BJP supporters in this file photo. AFP

The flurry of tweets will certainly fuel the wild speculations doing the rounds over who is talking to whom on government formation in Delhi. However, there is still no official word on whether the Capital is set for another round of elections or a BJP-led government. Senior BJP leader Jadgish Mukhi who is reported to be the frontrunner for the CM’s post, should there be a BJP government in Delhi, maintains that the issue was not discussed at yesterday’s meeting of MLAs with the new BJP president Satish Upadhyay.
Responding to reports of BJP MLAs having conveyed to Upadhyay that they should form the government, Mukhi said, “That was not on the agenda at all. Regarding government formation or election in Delhi, it is all in the hands of Lieutenant Governor (L-G). The L-G is legally bound to explore all the possibilities. He has to take the initiative. And when it takes the initiative we will react. We are ready for all possibilities. The ball is in the L-G’s court.”
He refused to comment on allegations made by the Aam Admi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal that the BJP was offering Congress MLAs Rs 20 crore to break away.

The BJP, with 28 MLAs (down from 31 seats after three of its MLAs were elected to the Parliament), is six MLAs short of a majority in the Delhi Assembly.

AAP, which emerged as the second largest party with 28 MLAs, after the initial flip-flop over government formation is now vigorously advocating for elections to be held in Delhi. The party has been crying itself hoarse alleging that the BJP has been trying to ‘buy’ its MLAs.
“Almost two weeks ago we had met President Pranab Mukherjee. Even then, we had brought to the notice of the President that the BJP was trying to buy our MLAs and was offering money and concessions of ministership. We requested the President to intervene in the matter. When the BJP failed to buy our MLAs, they started negotiating with the Congress MLAs,” said AAP spokesperson Ashutosh.
Asked about Kejriwal’s tweet and audio message on Wednesday accusing the BJP of offering Rs 20 crore to buy Congress MLAs, Ashutosh said, “We have decided to take this to the public in order to have a discourse and discussion on whether they want a government formed through deceit, though illegal unethical means. Is this the way to form the government? We want to raise this issue with the public. Is this why they voted for Modi?”
Is AAP planning to meet the L-G over this sensational claim? “Unfortunately, the L-G has no time for AAP. We had requested the President and he was gracious enough to give us time. But the L-G hasn’t even bothered to give us another appointment,” said Ashutosh. The Congress, of course, is doing all it can to deny rumours the party’s imminent split.
“The Congress party’s priority is neither to form government or elections. Our priority is to bring relief to the people of Delhi who are struggling for water and electricity.

But if there is an election, we are ready for it,” said Delhi Congress spokesperson Mukesh Sharma, insisting that party’s MLAs “were intact”.
But Congress party MLAs are keeping up the suspense. Responding to speculations of BJP’s overtures to Congress MLAs, a senior congress MLA said, “So far, there has been no discussion of breaking away or forming a government. We can’t say anything about what will happen tomorrow. There could either be an election or a government. There is no telling what will happen tomorrow.”
Asked about the mood among Congress MLAs was, he said, “We feel government should be formed. Election will only further delay work in Delhi. The public will suffer. And even if elections are held, what is the guarantee that one of the parties will get a simple majority. We might just find ourselves in the same situation that we find ourselves in today.”
But what possibilities are there for government formation? “That is a question that majority parties have to think about. We are minority party. No one has talked to us. We have refused AAP. And there is no question of supporting BJP,” said the senior MLA.

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