Did you know India’s performance in schooling is even worse than Pakistan?

9 July-2014, Firstbiz: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today tabled India’s economic survey for the year 2013-2014. While the survey highlights the state of the economy, here are some interesting data points that will surprise you.

Did you know India’s performance in schooling is even worse than Pakistan?

Did you know India's performance in schooling is even worse than Pakistan?

1. Milk production touches a record high of 132.43 mt in 2012-13: India recorded a peak production of milk at 132.43 mt in the year 2012-13, according to the Economic Survey for 2013-14, released in Parliament today. India ranks first in global milk production and accounts for 17 percent of world production.

2. India ranks second in world fish production, contributing about 5.4% of global fish production. It is also a major producer of fish through aquaculture. The sector contributes about 1 percent to overall GDP and represents 4.6% of agricultural GDP.

3 .India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables. The country is the largest producer of mango, banana, coconut, cashew, papaya, and pomegranate; and the largest producer and exporter of spices. India ranks first in the productivity of grapes, banana, cassava, and papaya. India also saw a record food grains, oil seeds and pulses production in the year 2013-14.

4. India has the second fastest growing services sector with a CAGR of 9%, second only to China. Services constitute a whopping 57 percent share in GDP at factor cost in 2013-14. Also, the size of domestic tourism has also crossed an estimated 1.1 billion annual travel visits.

5. India’s per capita carbon emissions increased from 0.8 metric tons to 1.7 metric tons in 2010, well below the world average of 4.9 metric tons in 2010.

6. India’s performance in schooling is even worse than Pakistan.

India’s performance in mean years of schooling (4.4 years) is even below that of Bangladesh and Pakistan, which have lower per capita income.

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