Joy ride becoming less comfort

women security

Kolkata, January, 28,Rimo Bose: Women security and their salvage-ability in the joyous city have come to risk. Travelling in metro, auto or bus is not safe for the women out in the street. Since the rape case of Park Street In 2012 has been an eye opener incident. Since then one after rape case molestation cases are making into the front page. Even the crime Bureau surveyed that the rate of crime practices in Bengal has rose up to 60%.

The recent Kamduni and Madhyamgram rape cases have infused fear the sense of scarcity in protection among the women in Kolkata. Now a day’s its being reported that men are harassing women in a brim full of passengers in metro, auto drivers are showing rage on women for fare.  Not only that the AJC Bose road is one of the areas where women constantly feel that anytime rowdy bikers might chase them or dash on them. The lack of police protection and repetitive rape case is making the condition of the women in the sate vulnerable.

Women are now seeking strict rules against the molesters and rapists they are demanding strict rules from the government. One of the Students of CU named Moumita expressed her agitation “going out at night for movies or for a casual walk down the street is no more safe for us.”

Even a physically challenged lady who is also a social worker was harassed by conductor when she was along with her daughter aged 10. It can be said that the women constantly want a stern reaction from the government instead of compensating the victims with money.

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