Summer special haircuts for woman in general

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Hollywood’s brightest luminaries make pixies, bobs, lobs, and layers feel new all over again.

Summer special haircuts for woman in general

Summer special haircuts for woman in general

Closely shorn at the nape, and long on top, Woodley’s side-parted strands are streamlined with a bit of edge.

By pushing her bangs off to the side, Williams’ above-the-chin pageboy has a cool confidence.

Tapered chin-length layers and deep bangs brushed forward from the crown softly frame Ora’s face.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Roberts’ cut is shorter in the back by just a smidge, falling in rounded edges up front.

It’s a one-length cut, but by snipping into the ends and leaving them uneven, Belle’s hair has an automatic tousled texture.

What makes this cut so sexy is the way the long bits in front just barely graze Stone’s collarbones.

Blunt layers that start below-the-chin give Danes’ medium-length strands tons of body and movement.

Layers don’t have to be edgy and irregular to make an impact. Here, Watson’s ends are thinned just enough so that the basic cut doesn’t look lank.

A low part and steeply angled ends transform simple below-the-shoulder strands.

Crisp, straight-across ends can make fine hair look long and full.

A single line of shoulder-length layers prevents down-to-there hair from feeling heavy.

A dusting of long, layered angles break-up Olsen’s stick-straight strands.

(Input source: HB)

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