Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 10-point agenda includes freedom to babus and innovation

New Delhi, 29 May-2014, CNN-IBN: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has got his ministers working and has issued them guidelines and priorities. Modi, who addressed his second Cabinet meet in the past 48 hours, has listed down a 10-point priority list for his government.
Sources say that Modi has urged ministers to build up confidence in bureaucracy so that they are not afraid of the consequences. Modi also told them that innovative ideas are welcome and bureaucrats should be given the freedom to do their work.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 10-point agenda includes freedom to babus and innovation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 10-point agenda includes freedom to babus and innovation
“The PM wants all ministers to have their own time-table on the priorities in each ministry for the first 100 days,” said Parliamentary Affairs Minister after the Cabinet meet on Thursday. “The PM said states should be given priority and letters from the states should be responded to,” he added.

Following are the 10 priorities that Modi has listed for his government according to sources:

1. Build up confidence in bureaucracy so they do not fear to face the consequences.
2. Innovative ideas welcome and babus will be given freedom to work.
3. Education, health, water, energy and roads will be priority.
4. Transparency will be in government. E-auction will be promoted in tendering and other government work.
5. A system will be placed for inter-ministerial issues to ensure better inter-ministerial co-ordination.
6. A people-oriented system will be in place and government machinery will be geared up to fulfil the mandate.
7. Addressing concerns relating to economy.
8. Infrastructural and investment reforms.
9. Implementation of policies in a time-bound manner.
10. Stability and sustainability in government policy.

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