Animals Rescued from house

Kolkata, January 27, Rimo Bose:  250 birds of 21 varieties of species have been salvaged from a house locating marmosetsin Baguihati. From the same residence three baby chimps as well as five marmosets have been retrieved.

Given the situation of animal trafficking, poaching and other animal related issues have caused to the diminishing of the animals and birds. Thus, it is leading to the shrinking of the animal species.

There were three native species birds which amount to the violation of the Wild life protection act. The Custom officers have made it clear that they have not received any paper work that makes the owner of the animals a legal holder. As the International Trade in Endangered Species management highlights that purchasing animals across the borders require to be legally authorized.

Supratip Guha is now being slammed with the violation of wild life protection code. This next to next rescue of animal from his house has led to his arrest. Some of the foreign breed birds are, grey parrot, Amazon parrot and blue yellow macaw.

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