Hot Book Review of Chetan Bhagat for 2 States – The Story Of My Marriage

March 1, Abhijit Saha: ‘2 states’ is an entertaining read from Chetan Bhagat just like Bollywood movie Chennai Express but with a slight more deviation and realistic feeling. Chetan Bhagat was working on this theme way before the movie Chennai Express was in works. Any one will enjoy reading this book.

Hot Book Review of Chetan Bhagat for 2 States – The Story Of My Marriage

Hot Book Review of Chetan Bhagat for 2 States - The Story Of My Marriage
It’s a love story between a South Indian Tamil girl Ananya Swaminathan and a North Indian Punjabi Boy Krish Arora on their mission to get married. It’s like winning a battle in India if lovers from different religion manage to get married.

The story starts when the Punjabi boy meets with the Tamil Girl in IIMS mess where they were studying. Both of them fall in love and the journey of convincing their parents starts. Chetan Bhagat has given its readers an in depth looks into the premarital relationship between the two lovers that can surprise anyone. He presented the topic of premarital sexuality in a very tasteful and natural way without abusing the topic. After that the story streamed well and maintained a good balance between their lives till their journey of getting married.

The writer has captured in every details like the move between different cities, the culture of the two religion and both the character’s families in a fantastic way that will definitely resonate the readers mind. The book gives one the idea why it is important in India to get approval of their families before boarding on something.  This book will give the readers a clear perspective of life in India and why people enjoy this journey so much.

Chetan Bhagat is in the list of my favourite authors who have changed the face of Indian readers and I would definitely recommend anyone to grab a copy of this book and read it out.

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