Bollywood latest movie review: CityLights

Genre: Drama
Director: Hansal Mehta
Casting: Rajkumar Rao, Patralekha Paul
Rating: ****

Plot: CityLights leaves you in shock, grows on you, and may even haunt you in the days to come.
It’s an occupational hazard that we have to tolerate films like Heropanti, R…Rajkumar and Ragini MMS 2, but there are days when we get to watch films that take us aback. And CityLights is one such gripping film.

Bollywood latest movie review: CityLights

Bollywood latest movie review: CityLights










Hansal Mehta’s latest offering is hard-hitting and terrific; a film which not just entertains you, but shows you the reality mirror. A film that leaves you in shock, grows on you, and may even haunt you in the days to come. An art piece, but truly not a commercial film.

Watery eyes and opened mouth are not regular scenes at cinema halls, but many movie buffs were observed going through these rare emotions while watching the film. Hansal’s vision to show the dark underbelly of metropolitan cities has been perfectly executed by his favourite actors Rajkummar Rao and Patralekha.

CityLights is as hard hitting as its trailers?

If you are in shock after watching the trailer of CityLights, toh picture toh abhi baaki hai mere dost. We came away from this profoundly moving tale with two of the most unforgettable. In middle of the film, Rakhi (Patralekha) in search of a job goes to a dance bar owner, who checks her out from head to toe and then asks her to turn around to see her back. He further asks her to dance and makes her laugh while she is crying.

In another scene, Deepak (Rajkumar), who knows his wife works in a dance bar, comes back home completely high, and asks her wife to dance.

She revolts with a slap and Deepak fells on the floor.  Hansal has captured all these scenes so beautifully in the lens.

The film catches your attention with the way Mumbai has been captured and put on screen. How the city, which never sleeps, doesn’t care about the people who just wan to survive.

How are Rajkummar Rao and Patralekha in the film?

National award winner Rajkummar Rao is again in the race for the award with this performance. It seems like Hansal Mehta is for Rajkumar what Karan Johar is for Shah Rukh Khan and David Dhawan is for Govinda.

Patralekha is equally good as Rajkumar in the film. She takes her character to a journey where she can see no hope of redemption. In some scenes, she overshadows Rajkumar.

How is the music?

Unlike other films of this genre, CityLights surprisingly has a very good music. However, the film could have also been made without a couple of unnecessary songs. Background music is also good.

Big Question-Should I watch this film?

CityLights is not a commercial film at all. It’s not a film which you like to watch with your family to lighten up for your mood. CityLights will make you think, cry and will stay with you even after the climax. Indian audience has so far maintained a distance from this genre of cinema. CityLights might change the trend.

(Input source: Daily Bhaskar)

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