World's first air powered car to come soon

LONDON, Feb 28, Sandeep Rajput: Yet now petrol, diesel and CNG powered cars are seen tightly . Now you’ll also see the air -powered car. Yes, it’s absolutely true. Peugeot French car manufacturer is going to bring the world’s first air -powered car. This hybrid car will debut next year in the market.

World’s first air powered car to come soon

World's first air powered car to come soon

In the first hybrid car will use air engine system, which will unite the condensed air to gasoline. The company said that the cities will be reduced to 80 per cent in the cost of gasoline in the car

The car will either run on petrol or on air or a mixture of both. The statement said that by 2020 it will run 117 miles on a gallon per car.

Hybrid car drivers in the engine system shall be exempted from expensive batteries. The company said the current hybrid car will have affordable air system. The drivers won’t even fear troubles since there will be over condensed air in the engine will also automatically fills the air.

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