Let’s build a Sustainable World

23 May-2014, Peerzada Mansoor: World is a place to live in for different lives, but the most delicate, sensitive or successive form of life on earth is to be made favorable for human beings. Favorable means to ensure proper ecological balance and man’s surveillance in harmony to the environment.

Let’s build a Sustainable World

Let's build a Sustainable World

It also includes to prevent the future generations and their resources from stake. All this can be ensured by making the world free from every kind of pollution which lead to the problems like Global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain etc. But all these are a part of development which is supposed to be the basic need of modernization. It is only the development that can improve the quality of life. On the other hand it proves destructive because various problems as mentioned above arise from it . The speedy development of modern world have put none of the stone unturned. Development in the name of industrialization, urbanization etc. is a means as well as threat to ecosystems. We need to have the developmental process but we need to encourage sustainable development. Sustainable development is the development with out disturbing the ecological balance and with out destruction. It is development that can definitely convert the modern developing world into a sustainable world. A sustainable world is that in which the ecological balance is maintained while as life goes harmony to the environment. In a sustainable world we will be able to prevent the over exploitation of resources.

Editorial note: Peerzada Mansoor is a Mass Comm. and Journalism student from Baramullah (J&K) and Indilens team member.

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