India-China assent to have of defense collaboration measures

NEW DELHI, Feb 25, Sandipan Sharma: Pushing their defense conflict, India and China on Monday coincided on a large number of measures, including holding of joint Army practice not long from now and fortifying oceanic security participation while administering peace and quietness on the question outskirt.

India, China assent to have of defense collaboration measures

India, China assent to have of defense collaboration measures

At the sixth Annual Defense Dialogue here, the two sides examined expanding the amount of communications between them at different levels plus the setting up of hotlines between the two Armies at detachment, corps and summon levels in addition to a comparable setup at their individual Army base camp, Defense Ministry sources said here. The two sides consented to keep on extending the trades between their military to cultivate common trust and comprehension.

Throughout the Dialogue, headed by defense secretary R K Mathur from Indian side and representative head of general staff of the PLA Lt Gen Wang Guanzhong from the Chinese side, the two nations additionally coincided on expanding “trades in the zones of peacekeeping, counter terrorism and humane support and fiasco help.”

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