Mars rover Curiosity pummels opposite apparatus to decrease wheels' wear and tear

New York, February 25, Sandipan Sharma: In a cycle of derring-do that might make Bo and Luke of the Dukes of Hazzard glad, the Curiosity meanderer has navigated its most recent way while driving in converse.

Mars rover Curiosity pummels opposite apparatus

Mars rover Curiosity pummels opposite apparatus

Why might researchers drive a multimillion dollar Mars meanderer in opposite? Actually, absolutely its not just for kicks. The move was executed for a quite great reason: to decrease the wear and tear encountered by the wanderer’s metal wheels.

Once again on Earth, NASA architects have speculated that driving a meanderer in converse could diminish the harm taken by its wheels when rolling over harsh landscape. The hypothesis has as of recently been tried on Earth, however a Mars test was never endeavored as of not long ago. While the meanderer is at present going over smooth Martian soil, NASA researchers chose that this was a great chance to test out their hypothesis before really endeavoring it on unpleasant Martian territory. Tuesday’s challenging move turned out to be fruitful and researchers now have a substantial evidence of idea for their converse drive hypothesis.

“We needed to have regressively driving in our approved tool stash on the grounds that there will be parts of our way that will be additionally testing,” said Jim Erickson, the Curiosity Project Manager.

To guide out the best conceivable ways for the Curiosity, NASA researchers dissected pictures taken from Mars circle. Researchers have developed progressively worried about the meanderer’s metal wheels in the wake of discovering various punctures on the wheels’ surfaces. The rate at which the wheels took harm amazed NASA specialists and they were hard pressed to discover less strenuous ways.

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