UPA coalition partners divided in Modi’s Snoopgate Judge Appointment

New Delhi, 4 May-2014(Mala Das/PTI): In a major bruise for the Congress, two of its key allies have stridently objected to the announcement that a judge will be appointed by this government – now at the end of its term – to investigate the scandal dubbed as “Snoopgate” which is based on allegations against Narendra Modi, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate.

UPA coalition partners divided in Modi’s Snoopgate Judge Appointment

Congress Allies Agree With BJP Over Snoopgate Appointment

Sharad Pawar, who heads the second-largest member of the coalition government, called the PM today to express his protest. Omar Abdullah, whose National Conference also participates in the government, tweeted “Was talking to my dad last night & he felt the same way – setting up a commission of inquiry in the dying hours of UPA 2 is just wrong (sic).”

On Friday, Law Minister Kapil Sibal said by May 16, when votes will be counted, a judge will be selected to look into whether a young woman architect was spied upon in Gujarat by the state police on the orders of Mr Modi, who is serving his fourth term as chief minister. (Read more…)

The BJP has derided the government’s plans for a multitude of reasons. It says that an important appointment should be made by the new government, and that in any case, the Gujarat government has already tasked a judge to probe the matter. It also says the woman architect was aware that her family had requested her surveillance because it was worried about her safety. (Amit Shah Slams Government Move on ‘Snoopgate’ Probe)

The Congress, beleaguered by predictions of a disastrous election result, has used “Snoopgate” in its campaign to accuse Mr Modi of blatantly breaking laws to invade the privacy of a woman.

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