Vhoto extracts the best photos from iPhone videos

4 May-2014, ANI: A new app has been developed that selects your videos for the best frames, then gives you Instagram-style filtering, editing, and sharing.

Vhoto extracts the best photos from iPhone videos

Vhoto extracts the best photos from iPhone videos

Vhoto is a free app that extracts still frames from iPhone video after the fact. And not thousands of individual frames you have to sift through yourself, but a culled assortment of the “best” pictures, as determined by Vhoto’s proprietary tech, CNet reported.

That tech evaluates things like blur, contrast, faces, smiles, and, somehow, “user intent, to quickly extract the best moments from video. Vhoto’s machine learning technology analyzes a user’s choices and ensures that every time it processes a video, it gets smarter.”

You can use Vhoto to capture video directly (using either the front or rear camera), though it can also work its video-to-photo magic on existing videos.

Once Vhoto is done processing a video, it displays thumbnails of what it captured. Tap any of them for editing tools: Instagram-style filters, image adjustments like contrast and saturation, and flip/rotate.

When you’re done, you can download the photo to your Camera Roll or share it via the usual methods (Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.

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