Chennai blasts: Suspect seen in Bangalore CCTV footages

Chennai, 3 May-2014, PTI: In what could be an initial breakthrough in the probe into twin blasts in a train, a man who hurriedly got down from it here has been spotted wearing a handkerchief to mask his face in CCTV footages of Bangalore railway station, police sources said today.

Chennai blasts: Suspect seen in Bangalore CCTV footages

Chennai blasts: Suspect seen in Bangalore CCTV footages

It has been found that in the Bangalore footages, which have been examined by experts, the man who had covered his face with handkerchief was the same person who was seen running at the Chennai Central Railway Station platform, thus strengthening police’s suspicion.

He was seen running towards the exit minutes before the blast, in the CCTV footages of Chennai Central railway station. He got down from coach S3, next to S4 and S5 coaches which bore the burnt of the blasts.

Police said yesterday that the suspect, a bald-headed middle-aged man, did not board the train at Chennai Central station and had only disembarked hurriedly from coach S3. It was also clarified that he did not get back to his coach.

Police officials, as part of their investigation, are also enquiring the co-passengers to establish the identity of the suspect.

Meanwhile, a team of CB-CID officials are questioning two suspects who have been detained in Bangalore, the sources added.

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