Time cycle of life : Ill father's last wish to daughter

California, 30 April-2014 (Indilens Web Team): Jim Metz, 62, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and together with his wife Grace, decided to hire Californian photographer Lindsey Villatoro – a photographer and founder of Love Song Photography – to let their 11-year-old daughter Josie experience being walked down the aisle by her father.

Time cycle of life : Ill father’s last wish to daughter


JosieWalkAisle1 (1)

Lindsey even took the trouble to give Josie the whole nine yards: flowers, desserts, a promise ring and a dress from L.A. Fashion Week!

“I met Josie [the day of the wedding],” Lindsey said. “She was a little bit overwhelmed when her mom picked her up from school and told her. She just needed a moment. Later, she said, ‘This is the best day of my life.’ She was very glad and excited to have these moments.”

The beautiful moment was caught on camera – check out the video below!

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