Buddha Renounced His Throne, but Modi Wants the Throne

New Delhi, April 25, Mohd Aktar: Congress is targeting Narendra Modi the BJP’s candidate, since he gave his nomination for PM’s position. After Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi’s attack now Union Minister Kapil Sibal is targeting Modi and said that Ganga Jamuna’s discipline doesn’t suite him. To ridicule Modi, he said, “Buddha renounced his throne, but Modi wants the throne”.


On Narendra Modi’s statement of “Ganga Maa” Sibal said Mother Ganga is very clever, she knows what good, bad is and she can easily make out what is dangerous. Before giving nomination from Varanasi Narendra Modi on Thursday said that he was not sent by BJP here nor he has came by himself, but the Ganga Maa has called him to Varanasi.

He said that he believes river Ganga is like Sabarmati. He even said that Kashi could be identified as the spiritual capital. He spoke about his association with Buddha, and said, “Lord Buddha gave his preach on this land of Sarnath and now I got the opportunity to serve this land. I want the whole world to cheer Kashi”.

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