So why did Rohit Dhawan wait 5 years to direct his second film?

Prashant Singh, Mumbai: He began his directorial career in 2011 with Desi Boyz. A few months back, Rohit

Dhawan directed his second venture, Dishoom. Ask him about why he took a long gap between his two projects, and he says, “Only when you have something to say should you make a film. It’s a little difficult for me to treat it like a job. Maybe that’s because I’ve had a protected upbringing. I’m lucky that I’ve made two films that have done well and have given me a lot in a short period of time.”Rohit, who is director David Dhawan’s son, feels that the “motivation to make a film is different” if one treats it like a job. “However, I obviously have to run my life as well, so I have to find that balance. Times have changed, and so have actors and producers. Nobody out there is dying to make a movie for the sake of it. You now make films if you really feel driven by something,” says Rohit, adding that after Desi Boyz, he was offered numerous movies to direct.“But you have to feel it,” he says, adding, “There has to be a story you are really passionate about. I have realised that when you are giving two years of your life to a project, and when you watch that film, you have to be happy with what you’ve made. You have to give a lot to the movie to feel that satisfaction and gratification.”

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