With Akira and Force 2, Sonakshi Sinha has transformed into an action star

Prashant Singh, Mumbai: Sonakshi Sinha left a solid impression on moviegoers as well as actors who are known

for their action films with her avatar in Akira. Her tough role received praise from Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn.
Now, the actor is grabbing eyeballs for her next project, a sequel to Force (2011), in which she is paired opposite John Abraham.Sonakshi is kicked about her new look and style. “I am thrilled with the compliments that are flowing in. It feels like the hard work is paying off. I have always been an athletic person, but getting to do this on screen is engaging and challenging for me. It’s great when you learn something new and get to execute it in a film,” she says.In fact, her new movie’s action director, Khecha (from Bangkok, Thailand), was so impressed with the “action-packed trailer” of Akira that featured Sonakshi that in the new film, he included her in an action scene that was originally supposed to feature only John.
Watch: Force 2 trailer.“I was surprised (on being included in the scene). Changing an entire scene to incorporate an actor on the day it’s being shot is something rare. It was the biggest compliment to my action skills. John was impressed, and so was Khecha,” says Sonakshi.

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