No bikinis for me, says TV actor Nehha Pendse

She wears swimsuits for the camera (for photoshoots), but Nehha Pendse has staunchly refused to sport a bikini for her show, May I Come In Madam? Moreover, she was even dead against a duplicate/body double filling in for her in those scenes.

When asked by a daily for her comment, she said, “A swimsuit is fine, but they wanted me to wear a bikini, which I refused. In addition, they did not take prior permission to check if I would be comfortable wearing one. They wrote the screenplay and it was assumed that I would wear it. I am not comfortable wearing a bikini in real life, why should I agree to wear one on screen?”

She added that she was ready to be reasonable up to a point. She said, “A swimsuit becomes like a dress when you wrap a sarong over it, so there was no objection to that. Also, after I refused, they wanted to use a duplicate wearing a bikini, which I objected to. I did not want the audience to have the perception that I wore a bikini on screen. So finally, they altered the screenplay and it was settled.”

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