Ghaziabad: No FIR uploaded online in Sahibabad police station

Ashni Dhaor,Ghaziabad: While Indirapuram Police Station is all set to go paperless, Sahibabad Police Station

has not uploaded any FIR lodged under its jurisdiction in the past one month.
According to orders from UP Police headquarter in Lucknow, all major city police stations have to upload FIRs, except those categorised as sensitive, within 24 hours of getting lodged, from January 2016 onwards.
Sensitive cases are also called special report (SR) cases which include FIRs where the accused is known to the victim. Cases such as murder, rape and extortion come in this category. These cases have been ordered to not be uploaded online, as their FIR cannot be filed online.
Other cases, also called non-SR cases, are the ones where the accused is unknown to the victim. For example, cases of theft, burglary and vehicle lifting come under this category. The FIR of these cases can be uploaded online as there is an option to file their e-FIR.
Even though Sahibabad Police Station has three computer operators and a separate computer room, it has failed to comply with the order.
Any complainant can obtain their FIR from the crime and criminal tracking network system (CCTNS) website online. However, since no FIRs have been uploaded online since the past one month, complainants have to visit the Sahibabad police station again and again to acquire the copy.
“I had lodged an FIR on September 29 regarding the theft of my wallet. Though it did not have much cash, most of my important identification documents were in it. I need the FIR to get their copies but I only got it three days later after visiting the police station again and again. I had read in newspapers about getting the FIR online but could not find it on CCTNS system at all,” said Vivek Singh, a resident of sector 3, Rajendra Nagar.

A visit to the CCTNS website showed irregularities in the data uploaded by the Sahibabad Police Station.
The last FIR uploaded on the website is of serial number 1446, dated 9 September. However, FIRs with serial number after 0793 are missing from the website until the number 1300. Similarly, a large number of FIRs are missing from the system from serial number 120 to 200 as well.
Officials said the matter would be investigated.
“There can be some sensitive cases which are not online. However, 200-300 FIRs should not be missing. There must be some technical issues which have resulted in the problem. I will get it checked right away and ensure that all FIRs are uploaded on the system immediately,” said Anup Singh, circle officer, Sahibabad.

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