Using a sit-stand desk in office can help you lose weight

Alternating positions between standing and sitting at office may help you to achieve your weight goal, a new study has found.

The study examined the potential weight management benefits of sit-stand desks and found that regular use of a height-adjustable workstation, when combined with other low-intensity activities, is an effective measure for maintaining weight for most people.
If an individual were to stand for half-an-hour then they could burn 5.5 times more calories than they would do sitting for that entire hour. Standing for the full hour could burn an extra 8.2 calories.
Switching evenly between the two position over the course of an eight-hour day — four hours sitting and four hours standing — could result in an energy expenditure of as much as 56.9 calories for men and 48.3 calories for women.
The researchers believe that regular activity of sit-stand desks could be one such exercise that would help office workers to maintain their weight.
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Bethany Barone Gibbs in a statement said: “Sit-stand desks are an easy way to boost energy expenditure that fits into office culture. By combining the act of standing with other casual activities you can achieve … and aid in weight control.”

Standing for the full hour could burn an extra 8.2 calories. (Shutterstock)

For the study, 18 participants were involved — nine men and nine women, aged between 22-57 who performed standardised deskwork at different positions for three separate one-hour sessions: 60 minutes sitting, 60 minutes standing, and 60 minutes spent alternating between the two position.

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