What I am in person, I am on camera. Karan Johar is different: Farah Khan

Farah Khan wears many hats. She is a choreographer, a director, and has also judged over 18 TV shows. Here, she talks about her love for the small screen, how motherhood has changed her, and more.

You seem to have an alternate career on TV. You have been part of multiple hit shows.
I sometimes think that making movies is my alternate career, and the actual one is being part of TV shows (laughs).
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You are a straightforward person, but you still seem to get along with everyone in the film industry…
I am constantly at loggerheads with people. My problem is that if I am upset with someone, I show it. I don’t fake it. What you see is what you get. But I have to say, being a mother has changed me a lot. As much as people think I am a tiger on the sets, I am also empathetic to other people’s feelings. Now, since I am involved with my kids and my family, I get along with everyone. With experience, your priorities change. You realise that it is useless to waste time on other people, or to get upset with them. Life is too short [to hold a grudge].

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