Vivian Dsena and Vahbiz Dorabjee are Heading For Divorce?

Adorable television duo Vivian Dsena and Vahbiz Dorabjee are now witnessing problems in their marital life. The two telly town stars who are known for being drenched in love with each other are apparently not so happy together. Reports state that the two are facing quite a few troubles.

Vivian and Vahbiz are witnessing compatibility issues in their marriage life. The two have been mum on their problems and are trying to keep a happy face. Vivian Dsena and Vahbiz Dorabjee tied the knot in the year 2013.

The two stars met on the sets of Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani. Vivian and Vahbiz fell in love with each other and soon got hitched. According to many, Vivian has also moved out of the house in order to make things calm. The two are living separately as of now to sort out the differences.

The exact reason of their separation is not known but lack of compatibility is assumed to be the main cause. It is also stated that there is no third person involved in their relationship and the two are trying their best to make things better.

Vahbiz expressed on their marital trouble saying every couple goes through ups and downs.

Well, we hope Vivian Dsena and Vahbiz Dorabjee soon mend their differences!

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