‘But khaki knickers are fine’: Twitter mocks Mahesh Sharma over skirt row

Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma found himself in the middle of yet another controversy for his remarks that foreigners travelling to India should avoid wearing skirts.

forcing him to issue a clarification. Sharma said his comments were “advisory in nature” and were meant for those tourists who were visiting religious places. Talking to reporters yesterday in Agra, he had said, “For their own safety, women foreign tourists should not wear short dresses and skirts… Indian culture is different from the western (culture).” The remarks evoked a sharp reactions with Congress leader Manish Tiwari terming them as “most uncultured remarks” and Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal saying that the comments reveal a very “horrible and pathetic mindset”. Here’s how Twitter reacted:

barkha dutt ✔ @BDUTT
Confused- a religious leader may address an assembly in the nude but foreign female visitors shouldn’t wear skirts. Ok, makes a lot of sense
11:13 AM – 29 Aug 2016
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Arvind Kejriwal ✔ @ArvindKejriwal
Women had greater freedom to wear clothes of their choice in Vedic times than they have in Modi times

http://m.ndtv.com/india-news/no-short-skirts-please-minister-mahesh-sharma-advises-tourists-1451502 …
12:43 PM – 29 Aug 2016
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Youth Congress ✔ @IYC
Mahesh Sharma’s statements will effect tourism in India and harm India’s image all over the world.
2:49 PM – 29 Aug 2016
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Sanjay Jha ✔ @JhaSanjay
Mahesh Sharma is skirting the issue; truth is he has de-marketed India by his ridiculous advisory on a dress code for women.#CultureVulture
11:57 AM – 29 Aug 2016
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Riya Mukherjee @riyalovezu
You are perfectly fine with nude monks in Vidhan Dabha but foreign women travellers in skirts is a cause of concern #MaheshSharma #Misogyny
10:25 AM – 29 Aug 2016
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Madhavan Narayanan ✔ @madversity
What exactly has Mahesh Sharma said? Scotsmen not allowed?
4:47 PM – 29 Aug 2016 · Västerås, Sverige, Sweden
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Harinder Baweja ✔ @shammybaweja
Small piece of advice for tourism min, Mahesh Sharma: Focus on women who aren’t allowed into temples, in skirts or sarees
4:46 PM – 29 Aug 2016
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Niraj Bhatia™© @bhatia_niraj23
Was Mahesh Sharma Responsible For Changing RSS uniform Of Shorts 2 Full Pants ? #JustAsking 🙄 #BJPsoसंस्कारी @IYC https://twitter.com/IndianExpress/status/769950770997243904

4:46 PM – 29 Aug 2016
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Irfan Hindasgeri @IrfanHindasgeri

MaheshSharma doesn’t have a problem with knickers if they are khaki in colour, but hates skirts!

1:19 PM – 29 Aug 2016
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Mohammad Ali @hindureporter
The best take on #MaheshSharma via BJP
11:17 AM – 29 Aug 2016
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Danish Sait ✔ @DanishSait

MaheshSharma sir does the rule apply to Scottish men as well?

11:28 AM – 29 Aug 2016
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