Here’s how 1,500 Americans illegally landed up in Canada after a drunken river party

Several Americans have sworn it publicly; if Donald Trump takes over the President’s oval office in the US come November, they are going to pack up and move to Canada.

By the looks of it, some of them accidentally did a trial run of this big escape plan.
Around 1,500 Americans were found floating on Canadian territory beyond yesterday, after a party went wrong and their boats ended up going astray.
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The St Clair River separates the US and Canada, running between Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario.
On Sunday, a group of Americans were taking part in the annual on the river. All was fine until the winds started blowing so hard that the flotilla of inflatable rafts and inner tubes went off course and toward the Canadian shore.
As boats deflated and all hope seemed lost, some tried to swim back to the United States. But in time, the Canadian Coast Guard, along with the federal and provincial police, came to their rescue.
The coast guards said most “floaters” had to be rescued from the water, and many were towed to shore. No major injuries were reported.
“They were terrified of entering another country without documentation. No one carries their passport or any ID, and a lot were drinking alcohol,” Peter Garapick, superintendent of search and rescue for the coast guard, told CBC television.
“We had to pull a lot of people out of the water and say ‘no,'” Garapick said.

The Americans were gathered at Ontario’s Sarnia and sent back to the US on public buses.
Sarnia Police did not say whether anyone was charged in the incident.
Coast guard spokesperson Carol Launderville said the event has no official organizer and poses “significant and unusual hazards” due to the river’s fast-moving current and participants’ lack of life jackets.

A Facebook page for the event, which dates back more than 30 years in the city of Port Huron, west of the border from Sarnia, made a post Sunday night thanking Canadian authorities.
“You’ve shown us true kindness and what it means to be amazing neighbors!” the post read.

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