Kissing toads to standing in line behind a mannequin: these #Imdumb tweets will leave you in splits!

In the latest edition of Jimmy Fallon’s hashtags segment on The Tonight Show, the comedian picked #Imdumb hashtag to celebrate the dumb and embarrassing things we do every day, and kicked things off with a brilliant one, which read, “When I was a child in church I thought people say ‘Hey man’ instead of Amen.”

That’s not all. When we scanned through the #Imdumb feed, we found a number of hilarious and surprising things that people tweeted about, which included standing in line behind a mannequin, kissing a toad thinking it would turn into a frog and testing a “no tears” baby shampoo by rubbing it in their eyes.
So, here are the best of the best:







Watch the video here.

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