GST bill next week: Congress hopes to persuade govt to put outer limit of 18%

NEW DELHI: Congress on Friday said that it hoped to persuade the government on the ring-fencing of the GST to an outer limit of 18% and also creating an independent mechanism for resolution of disputes.

“We hope to persuade the government in national interest and in the interest of people to agree to these two issues,” party’s chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala told reporters.

Noting that 18% is “not some arbitrary figure”, he contended that imposing the burden of taxation on people of this country at a very-very high limit, ultimately will dis-incentivise them from paying their taxes leading to creation of parallel black money.

“With income tax slabs already between 30% and 40%, is it not reasonable and proper on part of Congress to say that let us put an outer limit of 18% beyond which you can’t go”, he asked.

On reports of government seeking a higher cap, he said, “We have given certain suggestions to make GST meaningful, practical and acceptable to the people who will be finally taxed.”

“GST is an instrument of growth that Congress conceived and introduced something that was blocked by Modi ji, Jaitley and Sushma ji and entire BJP for nearly 6 years,” he said, taking a dig at the BJP for opposing the measure during the UPA days.

He said the entire endeavour of the Congress is to ensure that the GST as passed by Parliament is not only consensus-based but reflected the will of this country and it should “meaningfully be implemented on the ground and it should incentivise conformity to payment of taxes”.

Efforts to hammer out a consensus on the Goods and Services Tax bill gathered momentum for its likely tabling in the Rajya Sabha next week with the government reaching out to Opposition parties.

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