Guide to Book a Hotel for Solo Travelers

Web Team: Going on a trip solo does sound adventurous and exciting.  You are after all the master of your plan and most often than not, things go as you have planned them.  People who have taken solo trip before will tell you how liberating the experience can be.  It is also a time for self-discovery, introspection and can open one’s mind towards new ideas and thoughts.  At the same time,ifit gives you the option of self-indulgence. Solo trips mean that the expenses are less, you only have to make the booking for a single person, you travel light and mostly importantly you can extend or shorten the trip on whim or preference.

Although many would feel that solo traveling entails less cost, it should be recalled that travelling in a group means that the expenses are shared and here you are sole bearer of all the spending. Therefore, how you spend matters a lot. Boarding or lodging costs ads up the most while on a trip. While some people do not like to spend a whole lot of money on a hotel and instead opt for humble accommodations, others like to go full-swing and only prefer staying at a luxury hotel. Both stands are on the extreme corner of the spectrum, and the wise thing to do is take a middle path.  Depending upon the leg of your journey, here is a guide for solo travelers about wise hotel picking. 

Bag Packing Holiday –

When we talk about bag packing holidays, it usually involves road less traveling to various destinations. The idea is to explore the city, town or place with an open mind and go around the place after picking up information along the way.

While planning a trip in advance is the first rule of any traveling guide, it does not apply to bag packing trips. Usually, travelers on such trips do a preliminary search on the web and upon reaching the destination check-in to breakfast and bed type accommodation or a lodge before they can draw a plan for further journey.

Planning ahead for a bag packing holiday and booking a hotel in advance some would say defeats the purpose of such a trip. Secondly, backpacking holidays usually involve traveling along the countryside and maybe camping if you are game for it.  Accommodations on such trips are more of an experiential kind which means living with a family in a village, a camp or even a makeshift hotel (mostly seasonal). Having said that, some experiential experience can come at a price like ethnic resorts that are built along a village theme but have all the modern amenities in place.  Therefore depending on your preference, budget and appetite for adventure pick an accommodation of your choice. 


Weekend Getaway-

After a hectic time at work during the week, people usually head for a weekend getaway destinations that can offer some unwinding. While weekend getaway is mostly a group activity and entails hectic traveling in a short span of time, many people like to head alone in pursuit of solace and the little indulgence. The idea behind weekend trips is to relax and come back rejuvenated. And what better way to do so is by checking into a luxury spa or a hotel for complete relaxation. Here indulgence and splurge don’t hurt; in fact, you almost feel that you have earned the time, having worked so hard during the week or month.

Historical Holidays–

Historical holidays personify being buried in the abyss of history and time in the modern world.

Many people like to go alone on such holidays for the sake of a project or paper. This usually entails going to a faraway country, city or town and exploring the heritage sites and place of historical significance around the place. Historically significant cities like Paris, Athens and even New Delhi have a lot to offer to the tourists. To explore the city to the maximum, try booking a hotel in the central part of the city. For instance, if you are visiting New Delhi, the national capital of India and a city with a rich past of the Mughal Empire and Colonial rule is surrounded with several heritage sites and buildings. The best possible way to explore the city is by taking up a Janpath Hotela central area of Delhi.   Hotels in these areas may be a little expensive, owing to the location; however amenities like public transport, airport, and railway station will be within reach in case you wish to explore other cities close to the city or the vicinity.

There can be a specific reason or no reason at all behind your decision to travel solo. But at the end of it, you must feel satisfied and content. Where you live and stay is a big part of that experience. Therefore, choose your accommodation wisely. Splurge where you must and act frugally where you should.

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