Niantic confirms trading is coming to Pokemon Go

In just three weeks, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, but the game developers are not satisfied to sit on their laurels just yet.

Niantic, the studio behind the game, announced new features coming to the app, at the San Diego Comic Con.

First things first, the Pokemon Go panel at the event finally revealed the names of the three team leaders in the game. Valor’s leader Candela, Mystic’s leader Blanche, and Instinct’s leader Spark. Niantic CEO John Hanke stated the characters would be in the game soon, giving advice and that players would also”be hearing from them in a variety of ways.” A follow up question from the crowd prompted Hanke to confirm that yes, the legendary bird Pokemon on each team’s crest is tied to them somehow and that Niantic “might have something to announce about the teams soon.”

Secondly, but likely the biggest news from the event, Niantic is working on adding player trading to the game. Trading Pokemon with other characters has long been a standard part of the series, and it Niantic believes it will make players interact more, in order to catch all 151 Pokemon. Additionally, while Hanke did specify that Pokemon breeding is not something on the agenda, the group has definitely been talking about whether or not they should try building that mechanic into the game.

Another feature coming to the game soon is Pokestop customizations, including name changes, new skins, and some “mystery features”.

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