I have a good singing voice…in my head: Anushka Sharma

In the last few years, a lot of actors have taken to singing in their films. Most of them are not trained singers, and that is not going down well with artists who have put in many hours and years of their lives to establish themselves as singers.

However, actors realise lending their singing voices to their characters is nothing more than another gimmick to promote the film. Actors are not looking at alternate careers as singers, or even look at getting awarded for their talent.

Anushka Sharma is one actor who doesn’t want to try her hand at singing, “I think I have a good voice. In my head (laughs). Right now I don’t have have any plans to sing. If I do a film where I play a singer like my character Rosy in Bombay Velvet, who was a jazz singer, then, maybe I would. But for a character like Rosy, I couldn’t have done that at all — maybe if I played a wannabe singer. Singing does not interest me at all. The only training I have in singing was when I did it for Bombay Velvet.”

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