New Gamevice controller for iOS makes it a portable gaming device

The new Gamevice controller for iPhone, iPad mini, and iPad Air is here. It offers four action buttons, a D-Pad, dual analog joysticks, and four front-triggers, just as any console controller. It is priced at $100.

Wired says, “Some controllers embraced Bluetooth. Others resembled Xbox controllers with a cradle for your phone. A few stumbled onto the best layout, adding the buttons and such to the sides and turning the iPhone into something akin to the PlayStation Vita. But most of them felt cheap or imprecise. The Gamevice controller gives the idea a sheen of quality.”

There are reportedly 800 games certified to work with Gamevice and you users will need to download the Gamevice app and check which games are compatible. It also has a Lightning connector to work with iOS along with a 400mAh battery which can be recharged via microUSB.

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