Spearmint tea a cure for acne?

From Kendall Jenner to Beyonce, a number of celebrities have battled acne whether as teenagers or as adults. In fact, research suggests 50 per cent of adult women suffer from this at least once in their life, so many are looking for a remedy. While herbal teas are said to have a myriad of benefits for the hair and skin, spearmint, in particular, could help with those pesky pimples. A study by the American Academy of Dermatology suggests those who consume two cups of organic spearmint tea can reduce acne lesions by 25 per cent after one month and by 51 per cent after three months. Spearmint is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and helps to clear out the skin.

A supplementary treatment

Dr Madhuri Agarwal, dermatologist, says she’s not very convinced about spearmint tea as a remedy for acne. “This is only one report and does not have a well-researched study to back it up. Acne is usually due to multiple factors such as hereditary, lifestyle, hygiene and dietary habits, hormonal changes such as PCOS or at times due to certain medications. Just having two cups of tea may not be sufficient to control acne as all these factors have to be addressed in acne treatment. It can help as a supplementary treatment but not as a stand-alone therapy for acne. Spearmint contains phenols that has an effect on hormone. It has anti-androgen effects i.e. it works on blocking testosterone to some degree and thereby reducing the oil production in skin sebaceous glands. Reduced oil results in reduced acne. However, this is only to a mild degree,” she warns.

Use a good cleanser and toner

Diet plays a role in acne, and certain types of foods contain properties which affect the sex hormone levels in our body, thus controlling acne.

However, only relying on such things may not be useful feels Dr Shefali Trasi Nerurkar, MD Skin, consultant dermatologist, Dr Trasi’s Clinic and La Piel. “Spearmint tea reduces the activities of androgens in the body; specifically, it lowers the amount of free testosterone circulating in the blood. Also, it decreases the amount of harmful free radicals formed in the skin. Drinking tea, juices, etc. does help to a certain extent as all these have antioxidant properties. Most of the damage is caused by free radicals released by stress, pollution, etc. Our grandparents stress on having fresh fruit juices rather than canned/tinned ones as it contains preservatives. So these are nothing but a way to cleanse/ detoxify our system. But one must also exfoliate one’s skin regularly with a good cleanser and toner. This itself can help prevent acne,” she adds.

Treat acne early

Dr Rajat Kandhari, MD, Dermatology and STD says spearmint may help in decreasing acne and oil secretion but the dose requires standardisation. “Also, more studies needed in humans of different ethnicities to confirm whether one can use this in routine practice and whether in the future one may see this as an actual treatment modality for acne. Those with acne, should start treatment early rather than delaying it as it has the potential to scar and leave marks.”

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