Pedal power: Here’s how eBike can give your cycling a boost

An electric bike, or eBike, allows users to pedal like a traditional bike but with the added boost of electric power to give you an extra push when needed up and down hilly slopes. Suitable for young and old it’s electric power can help you to travel for longer and make journeys easier, with eBike use becoming more and more popular.

1. Keeps you fit
They might give you a boost of power when you need it, but eBikes help keep you fit too. According to German electrical company Bosch, which thanks to the growing trend has now added eBikes to its long list of electrical products, studies show that eBikers get on their bikes two to three times more often and cover much longer distances than conventional cyclists.

  1. Perfect for commuting
    eBikes are perfect for zipping around a city and the short distances often covered by commuters to get to work. And thanks to their electric power, they’ll help you cover the distance more quickly and easily so you will arrive at work still feeling fresh, rather than exhausted before you even start the day.
  2. An eBike can ease you into exercise
    Thanks to the extra help it offers, an eBike is a great way to ease yourself into a new exercise regime or after an injury, and helps to prevent a burden on knees, thigh muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. An eBike will also encourage you to ride further, with cyclists on eBikes covering on average 6.3 kilometres compared to 3.6 kilometres when riding conventional bikes according to a report by Credit Suisse.
    And if you want to know how well you’re doing, Spanish cycling brand BH has released this year its BH Emotion Premium Bluetooth kit to connect its bikes to your smartphone to give you all the ride statistics you need including speed, distance, and calories burnt.
  3. Enjoy the fun factor
    Getting out in the fresh air and seeing the city as you travel to work can be a fun way to get around. And many already agree, with yearly sales of e-bikes in the EU increasing almost tenfold between 2006 and 2013, to more than 907,000, according to the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry.
    Thanks to their electric powered boost you can zip past other road users, with an eBike often the fastest mode of transport available in urban traffic over distances of up to 5 km.
  4. Good for the environment
    The Environmental Protection Agency has previously reported that the CO2 emissions of a car are around 40 times higher than those of an eBike, and according to Bosch half of all car journeys are 5 kilometers or less. So why not try leaving the car at home and instead using your eBike for these short trips to look after the environment as well as your wallet and your health.
  5. Something for everybody
    With their electrical assistance eBikes are suitable for almost everyone, including seniors and even those with an injury. There are models suitable for urban or cross-country use, relaxing leisure tours or more intense challenging rides. Electric bike company Pedego even offers the world’s only tandem electric bike in addition to its already extensive range of commuter bikes, cruisers, folding bikes, and more. It’s no surprise that the bikes continue to grow in popularity, with market research forecasting global e-bikes sales to exceed 47.4 million annually by 2018.
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